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With an experience over 5 years in photoshop manipulation, I gained a lot of experience not only by using photoshop which is also a very important part of my work, but by creating composition from using different images.

Being a digital artist, with over 1000 creation, with over 100 photoshop tutorials and over 100 hours of online training I’m sure I can make you one of the next future artists in photoshop manipulation.

By becoming part of my future workshop you will learn what kind of shooting you must make to collect very valuable materials, how to use your camera to get the maximum potential of a picture, what kind of format is the best choice, how to improve quality of your image, how to get them together in photoshop, how to be very creative and see another world by creating amazing digital manipulation using your own simple images.

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I’m looking for a collaboration with anyone who can make possible a running workshop in his country, with my possible already submitted clients and his future possible clients. I can travel anywhere in the world to spread my love for the artistic view about what I see and feel.

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